POLYtheSIGN – Match traditional and technologiy

polythesign - oggetti di arredo e design

Tradition and technology together

POLYtheSIGN creates and develops objects of furniture and design unic, combining the best Italian manufacturing tradition, especially the master potters of Deruta, with new technologies, such as 3D printers.
Just with these printers produce the first prototype that, having been designed with open source software, it is then delivered into the hands of skilled craftsmen who make the final product, following the ancient tradition of firing and glazing.
Our products are unique: each of them is special and different from others, a characteristic of non-industrialized products. We have also chosen a limited run, of a hundred units, for each model, to make each of them even more particular.

Each new object is funded by the previous budget from the sale of a model is invested in the production of the next and so on;